Who are we ?

« Responsible capitalism aims to regenerate exclusively financial capitalism, by giving it meaning and by acting on what we don’t want for future generations. In this spirit, all economic and financial actors strive to reconcile overall/sustainable performance and positive externalities. » 

Caroline de La Marnierre,
Chief Executive and Founder of the Institute for Responsible Capitalism

Caroline de La Marnierre

Our Activity



The way to responsible capitalism

The Institute for Responsible Capitalism (IRC) is a center for applied research, meant for companies, on integrated and responsible thinking. 

The Institute develops, manages and facilitated working groups between company managers, civil society representatives and lead experts. Their common goal is to drive companies, investors and the wider financial community towards a more integrated, responsible and sustainable thinking. 

3 areas of intervention

In order to promote responsible capitalism, the Institute for Responsible Capitalism operates in three keys areas:

I. Integrated Thinking
II. Governance and Shareholders Relations
III. Social Performance and Diversity

In each of these areas, IRC’s activities combine a Think & Do Tank with an event that recognizes companies’ best practises.

Integrated Thinking

The Materiality Observatory
The Responsible Business and Governance Awards

Governance/Shareholders relationship

The Individual Shareholder Observatory
The General Meeting and Gender Balance Awards

Gender Diversity

The Gender Balance Observatory



The Board of Directors

Working as the deciding authority and strategic impetus, the Board of Directors determines the strategic guidelines of the Institute and supervises the relevance of its work. 

Sarah Ménegaire Loubeyre
Head of Coordination and Communication
10 Boulevard Malesherbes, Paris
(+33)1 84 25 03 71